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  • BSTOCK - TWA FLYBOYS - (FB-03) ECHO (original silver color) 


    Condition: New - Works Perfectly

    Accessories: Manual, Box

    1 year limited warranty on all B-Stock Items


    Armed with a 600 milliseconds of gorgeous, transparent delay time, the FB-03 is perfect for slapback and rhythmic doubling effects or for adding depth and dimension to solos.

    The FB-03’s crisp delay tone will help brighten up a dark rig or room while allowing your guitar to stand out in the mix.  The repeats offer a slight hint of tape-like wobble, adding an authentic analog realism to each repeat.

    The FB-03 can be manipulated into self-oscillation, creating pulsing soundscapes and UFO-landing modulation effects that add to the fun and versatility of this essential Echo pedal.

    free C-BAT/R able with purchase BONUS - FREE C-BAT/R cable
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    BSTOCK - TWA FLYBOYS - (FB-03) ECHO (original silver color)

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