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gfi system™

gfi system guitar effect pedals

GFI System pedals are designed and assembled in Indonesia by Henry Widjaja with help from a small team of engineers and techies, including his long-time friend Yonas Darja and Yonas’ brother Jesse.

GFI started out in 2010 designing and building analog pedals and began taking the plunge into the realm of digital design by 2013.

GFI’s goal is to market innovative and exciting products that capture the hearts and imaginations of guitar players and musicians for many years to come.

History (in Henry’s words)

Yonas and I were already toying with the idea of starting a guitar-oriented tech company while we were studying in the U.S. back in 2003.  The two of us spent more time talking & obsessing about guitars, effects, and music than we did studying for our exams!  

My major was Electrical Engineering with specialization in Signal Processing, and my hobby was tearing pedals apart to learn how they worked – this combination was essential to forming my knowledge base of how sound was created.

However, our idea for an audio company took a back seat after graduation. We went back to Indonesia, worked 9-to-5 jobs and started families of our own.   I went to work for an engineering company and then moved on to teach electrical engineering at a university.   All along, our little dream never left my mind; I still loved to tinker with pedals & electronics. 

While I've enjoyed working in an academic environment, I soon realized that I enjoyed my other activity much more, and so I took the plunge!  I quit my job, bought an oscilloscope, a soldering station, a drill press, a big desk, and a whole bunch of parts – and thus GFI System was born.