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Pivot-All Cables

A revolution in audio connector design, Pivot-All cables feature ¼” plugs that can be continuously rotated over a 180-degree arc, making connections in even the tightest, most limited spaces virtually effortless.

Crowded pedalboards, complicated rack systems, and awkwardly-located instrument and amplifier jacks can now be plugged into with ease thanks to Pivot-All’s patented, swivel-head design.

Pivot-All plugs also help to reduce short-circuits by moving the cable’s stress-point from the solder connection to the plug’s rugged ball joint.

Pivot-All cables come standard with Mogami W2524 musical instrument cable. W2524 is a 20 AWG cable with a specially-designed conductive PVC layer underneath the shield conductor – this PVC layer drains away minute voltages that can cause microphonic noise.

All solder connections are made by hand at our shop using high-quality, lead-free, no-clean silver solder.

Custom cable lengths and alternate cable types/brands are available on a special-order basis. Please contact us at for more details.

Plug Option Guide
pv-a pivot-all plug
Pivot-All Plug
pv-s straight plug
Straight Plug
pv-c compression plug
Compression Plug
pv-l right-angle plug
Right-Angle Plug
  • Cable: PV-A Plug to PV-L Plug 


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    Features PV-A Pivot-All Plug to PV-L Right-Angle Plug.

    • Mogami W2524, 20 AWG Cable
    • Lead-free, no-clean Silver Solder
    • Hand-Assembled in USA

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    Cable: PV-A Plug to PV-L Plug
    Cable: PV-A Plug to PV-L Plug

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