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Amon Amarth

Viking Metallers Make Mayhem with Maxon 

The best thing about getting a new issue of Guitar World Magazine is thumbing through it to find out that one of your fave bands is using your pedals!  That’s exactly what happened a few months back when we saw the big GW spread on Swedish Viking Metallers Amon Amarth!

Turns out Guitarists Johan Soderberg and Olavi Mikkonen started using Maxon pedals on “Twilight of the Thunder God” at the prompting of producer Jens Bogren of Fascination Street studios in Sweden.  Apparently they liked the guitar sound on that record so much that they incorporated a few Maxon models into their live touring rigs to replicate their recorded tone!

Both Johan and Olavi play Gibson Explorer Guitars into Peavey 5150 Amps.  Before the guitar signal hits the amp however, it runs through a Maxon OD808 Overdrive to add more bite and presence to the guitar tone.  The OD808 is engaged at all times, regardless of whether they are playing clean or dirty, lead or rhythm.  Using an OD808 to sculpt the tone of a high-gain amp is a trick that growing legions of metal bands are incorporating to get better, more consistent tone from venue to venue.

In addition, both Amon guitarists are also using the Maxon PT999 Phase Tone to add some shimmer to mellow, clean breaks as well as wah-filter type effects to certain intros and solos.

Watch the video below to see Johan Soderberg demonstrate how they use these two Maxon pedals to get their brutal, drop-tuned tones!

So before you go raping and pillaging, don’t forget to throw a couple of Maxon’s in the Longboat – they’re the next best thing to Thor’s Hammer for pummeling the peasants into submission!

Extra Special thanks to –

Kelli @ Metal Blade Records for coordinating everything!
Liz @ Earsplit Entertainment for getting us into the Starland Show!
David Brodsky @ My Good Eye for letting us use the Amon Amarth promo video footage!
Jens Bogren @ Fascination Street Studios for making great CD’s and turning bands onto our pedals!
Amon Amarth for being a kick-ass band, using our products and being ultra-cool guys!


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