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Erik Rutan
Morbid Angel / Hate Eternal

MAXON OD808 – The greatest overdrive for… Death Metal?!?

Legendary guitarist/producer Erik Rutan explains why

"I use the Maxon OD808 all the time now on my rig - I love it so much man, I can’t tell you, my old tube screamers sit in a closet now! I love the Maxon on my Marshall JCM 800 - THAT IS THE TONE I LIVE BY!!!"
- Erik Rutan – Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, Mana Recording Studios
Erik Rutan and the Maxon OD808 Overdrive

When we first started selling Maxon pedals in the USA, we were sure that boutique” tone-hounds” would be our primary customer base.  Over the years however, it’s turned out that Maxon pedals have appealed to a much broader - and disparate - audience than we first expected.

One genre that Maxon has taken a strong foothold in is the Metal community.  Bands around the world and from every metal sub-genre imaginable including Death, Grind, Nu, True, Black and Grind have become obsessed with Maxon pedals, particularly the OD808 Overdrive. 

Who would have thought that the world’s first low-gain amp overdrive simulator would become the go-to pedal for Metal Guitarists?  Yet the OD808’s slight compression, subtle boost and smooth EQ curve seem to be just what the Doctor (Mad Scientist?) ordered to fine-tune a high-gain tube amp. 

One key figure in the Metal community who has been carrying the Maxon torch is legendary Guitarist/Producer Erik Rutan.  Besides playing in Morbid Angel and his own band Hate Eternal, Erik is also a seasoned producer who has recorded some of the best-known Black, Death and Grindcore albums ever released.  He’s also the owner of Mana Studios in Florida, where a lot of these records were created. 

We caught up with Erik this past summer at a Hate Eternal gig in NYC to talk about why he favors Maxon effects live and in the studio.  Watch the video below and learn how Erik uses one of the world’s most subtle overdrives to create his brutal guitar tones!

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