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chunk systems logoBass-ed in Sydney Australia, Chunk Systems specializes in highly innovative, high quality custom effects for the low end. Their first product the Agent 00Funk took the underground by storm and offered many unique filtering features and signal routing options unavailable from other products.

Chunk Systems Effects In 2006, Chunk Systems updated the Agent Funk and made it even more user-friendly and affordable than before. In addition they created a sister pedal, The Brown Dog Gated Fuzz, that works in conjunction w/the A00F Mark II to provide even more bizarre filter and fuzz effects and analog synth textures.

chunk systems effect pedalsIn august 2008, Chunk will unveil the mother of all Bass effects - the Octavius Squeezer.  The O.S. is the world's first programmable analog bass synthesizer effect in a compact stompbox.  it features both the Agent Funk and Brown Dog circuits as well as Octave Down, Octave Up, and Two Octave Up voices, beat-locked effects and a plethora of other goodies.  With the O.S.'s simple user interface amazingly fat analog synth sounds can be created, stored, and recalled at the touch of a button, or written to the onboard flash memory card and stored for future use.  Simple yet ingenious, compact yet complete, the Octavius Squeezer is the future of Bass effects!

Each Chunk Systems product is lovingly assembled by hand Down Under and comes with a 3-year parts and labor warranty. Look for more Chunk Systems Bass products soon!

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