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EMMA Effects caught our attention several years ago with their advanced circuits, beautiful appearance, and amazing sound quality. Handbuilt in Denmark, EMMA Effects are simply a step above anything else that we have heard (check out the cool names, too!).

Recently we were named as the North American distributor for EMMA. This is both an honor and a privilege, as we can now use them as well as turn other players onto them! So, if you have tried the rest and are ready to move up to the best, then you are ready for EMMA.

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    The first new model from EMMA Electronic in nearly 10 years, the ON-1 Okto-Nøjs is definitely worth the wait!

    The Okto-Nøjs is actually two pedals in one – a super-accurate, fast-tracking Octave down (the Okto) combined with a dynamically responsive, synth-like Octave-Fuzz (the Nøjs).

    Both sides of the circuit are 100% analog and feature high-quality buffers and true bypass switching for the best sound quality possible.

    The Okto channel uses proprietary tracking circuitry to create a sub-octave that locks in fast and remains stable. The Okto can track accurately down to the open-E string of a Bass Guitar, and even lower with minor note wobble.

    The Okto’s Tone control can go from round, fat subs to the hollow, nasally honk of a vintage Boss OC-2. Blend in a bit of Okto with your Dry signal to subtly thicken your bottom end, or crank it up for spot-on note doubling.

    The Nøjs section is where the real fun starts. A harmonic distortion generator that creates a unique Octave-Fuzz effect, the Nøjs circuit reacts to playing dynamics to create spitting, swelling, synth-like drive sounds that are truly out of this world.

    Gain, Tone & Level controls adjust the Nøjs circuit’s Fuzz section, yielding everything from smooth overdrive to squelchy foldback distortion with a blossoming note filtering.

    The Nøjs control blends in a square wave sub-harmonic that can be thick & meaty or edgy & aggressive depending on the setting of the Color control.

    Both Okto & Nøjs sections can be blended to taste against the Dry signal to cover a wide range of colors from subtle to extreme. Clean Octave, Dirty Drive, Overdriven Octave, Synth-Octave or any combination of these are possible with the ON-1’s simple yet power-packed control complement.

    Soon to be the go-to pedal for any adventurous musician, the EMMA Okto-Nøjs packs a plethora of amazing octave and distortion sounds into a pedalboard-friendly box.

    Come get your freak on with the EMMA Okto-Nøjs!

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    James Drewnowski commented on 29-Nov-2018 08:20 PM5 out of 5 stars
    It’s hard to accept how amazing this pedal is until you play your bass through it. The Octave down is like an OC2 but the tone control takes it into new unexplored and better territory. The fuzz is synthy and wonderful and the octave up is killer. I took a chance on it, and I’m glad that I did. It kills. The tracking is extraordinary also. This pedal has the best tracking of any octave I have ever played. It is extremely responsive, which makes it a joy to play. It is permanently replacing the OC2 on my board. Thanks!

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