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godlyke artist interviews 2011

Godlyke president Kevin Bolembach has actually left the house this year and caught a few shows! Kevin and his loyal cameraman Jerry caught up with a bunch of artists including Byron House (Robert Plant), Phil Caivanno (Monster Magnet), Michael Sweet (Stryper) and Adam and Joel from Times of Grace. What did they talk about? What else - PEDALS!!!

Video Interviews

Times of Grace Interview
Adam & Joel
(Times of Grace)
Byron House Interview
Byron House
(Robert Plant's Band of Joy)
Phil Caivano
Phil Caivano
(Monster Magnet)
Michael Sweet Interview
Michael Sweet

Image Gallery

Kevin with Byron House from Robert Plant’s Band of Joy backstage @ the Beacon Theater, NYC Kevin with Phil Caivano from Monster Magnet @ the Starland Ballroom, NJ Kevin with Adam & Joel from Times Of Grace @ the Grammercy Theater, NYC
Adam D’s touring rack with Maxon AD-9 Pro and CP-9 Pro+ (also OD808 in the back) Joel Stroetzel’s touring rack with Maxon OD808 in the back Adam’s also runs a 2nd Maxon AD-9 Pro at the front of the stage
Joel runs a 2nd Maxon OD808 at the front of the stage Real men restring their own Guitars! Adam D. getting his gear ready for the show Kevin with Michael Sweet from Stryper @ Crazy Donkey, NY
Michael Sweet’s pedalboard with EMMA Pisdiyauwot & TWA Triskelion PJZ having a cocktail @ the Starland!

Get more information and pictures of Godlyke artists here.

Featured VIDEO

TWA Triskelion Demo with Rob Compa


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maxon bd10 bass driver

BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver

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