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guyatone effect pedals One of Japan’s best-secrets, Guyatone Pedals has been producing affordable, dependable, and unique instruments and accessories since the mid 1950’s.

Guyatone’s Micro Series Effects have long been a favorite of touring musicians for their compact size and amazing sound quality.  These formidable little stompboxes have showed up in the pedalboards of many touring professionals including Warren Haynes, Lennie Kravitz, Bootsy Collins, the Mars Volta, and more.

Guyatone Effects recently announced the release of the new “mighty micro” line of professional-grade effects.  Based on the award-winning Micro Series, the mighty micros offer improved features that customers have demanded such as top-mounted battery compartment, increased controls, and true bypass switching.

If you’re running out of pedalboard space but don’t want to sacrifice sound quality, the Guyatone mighty micros offer a real-world solution to keep you sounding your best.

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