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guyatone optical hybrid effects

Godlyke is proud to announce the release of the long awaited Guyatone Optical Series of effect units.  The Guyatone Optical Effects are analog/digital hybrids with 100% analog audio paths using custom-made photo couplers.  The proprietary CPU controller features a digital oscillator with tap tempo rate control, 6 selectable waveform patterns, and assignable CV control of a variety of parameters.  These units are NOT digital modelers; however they can perform many of the functions of modeling units, bringing the flexibility of digital control to the analog audio domain.  Designed as professional-grade products, the Opticals feature many performance options that were previously unavailable in a stompbox format – and yes, they are true bypass!
Features common to Both models:
  • Tap Tempo oscillator control displayed in BPM or milliseconds
  • Expression Pedal control of various parameters (user-assignable)
  • Six oscillator waveform options (user-assignable)
  • LED display for tempo and control assignments (user-assignable)
  • Heavy duty Hammond Chassis and ultra-high quality components
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9-12 volt AC operation (Guyatone AC-2 adapter included)
  • Made in Japan
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