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hao handbuilt effects

hao handbuilt guitar effectsOver the past few years HAO effects have become the pedal of choice for many of Japan’s most respected guitarists. The reasons for this are simple – unparalleled sound quality coupled with simple yet bullet-proof design features that allow the user to focus on creating music rather than tweaking knobs. Painstakingly built by hand, each HAO unit is a cosmetic and functional work of art that features the highest quality components and construction techniques available in order to assure maximum performance. Godlyke is proud to add the line of HAO hand built Effects to our ever-growing roster of quality guitar accessories.

HAO OD-16 | HAO Rumble MOD RM-1 | HAO Rust Booster | HAO Rust Booster III | HAO Rust Driver | HAO Rust Ride Bass Driver | HAO Sole Pressure

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