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maxon fuzz elements series pedals

maxon fuzz elements series guitar effects pedals

The sounds of Fuzz have left an indelible mark on the history of rock guitar. Yet despite its undeniable influence, the definition of what constitutes a “great” Fuzz tone has remained strongly subjective and almost eternally elusive - Until now.

Introducing the Maxon Fuzz Elements – seven models designed to reproduce the classic and unique sounds of the World’s most desirable vintage Fuzz pedals.

Using modern software technology, Maxon has modeled and mapped the complex elements that make up the core sounds of these legendary pedals, reproducing them using advanced analog circuitry that is as accurate as it is stable.

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    • Fuzz engine designed to emulate the sound of vintage Ampeg Scrambler
    • Unique frequency- and dynamics-dependent Fuzz/Octavia effects
    • Overtone Knob controls amount of even-order harmonics
    • Blend controls balance of Dry and Effected signals
    • Level controls output level (use as a Booster)
    • True Bypass Switching

    Strange squeals, cacophonous chords, raucous ring modulations and other amazingly unpredictable mayhem – that’s just a sample of what you can expect from the Fuzz Elements FV10 Void.

    Designed to emulate the otherworldly sounds of the vintage Ampeg Scrambler, the FV10 circuit is loaded with tons of even-order harmonics to create unique octave/fuzz sounds that are dynamic- and frequency-dependent.  This means that the FV10’s output is generated not only by what notes you play, but how you play them!

    The FV10’s effect is not for the faint of heart – Spongy, strikingly synthetic guitar tones that swell up out of the depths of some black Void and then sizzle off into infinity.  Octave-up OR octave-down effects can be produced, depending on the position of the controls and the playing position on the neck.  Likewise, single notes or chords can both be played, each generating their own unique sounds.

    By chaining the FV10 with other distortion devices and adjusting the Blend knob, an entire new range of unique harmonic effects can be achieved as the FV10’s circuit interacts with the complex harmonic content of the other device.

    Unlike the original Scrambler, the FV10 features a Level control with a significant volume boost.  This allows the user to match the pedal’s output level to unity gain or to other effect pedals in their signal chain.

    Mechanical True Bypass switching makes certain that all this chaos is kept locked up until you decide to unleash it.


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