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mods & mends

mods and mends logo Greetings and welcome to the Godlyke custom shop, officially and affectionately known as "Mods and Mends."

For more than a decade Godlyke has brought you some of the greatest, most innovative boutique effect pedals from around the globe in an effort to satiate your gear lust.

Yet no matter how versatile or well thought-out a pedal may be, there's always someone who could use something slightly different to meet their unique needs as a player - this is the magic of making music, and we understand and appreciate it wholeheartedly.

Thankfully, over the years many of you have been happy to share your ideas on how to improve existing products, and many have also offered ideas on new products that you'd like to see.

Now, in an effort to please everyone all the time and meet the demands of players who need that "something extra," we've launched Mods & Mends.

At Mods & Mends we'll be offering some of the most requested modifications for our standard products in a "pre-modded" direct-sale format.  In addition, we'll also offer the same mods to after-market pedals that customers currently own.  Down the road we hope to offer modifications on pedal offerings from other companies as well, but let's not get ahead of ourselves...

We'll be adding new mods on a regular basis, so please feel free to drop us an e-mail with your comments and suggestions.  Thanks for your help in bringing the Mods & Mends concept to life - we hope you enjoy playing these upgraded pedals as much as we enjoyed upgrading them!

Click on the products below to see the available mods! All Mods & Mends models are made to order and require 5-7 days additional delivery lead time!