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NAMM 2018: Godlyke Distributing Announces New Products!

twa krytical mass


A reimagining of the legendary Maestro Bass Brassmaster,   Krytical Mass offers all the balls, grit & girth of the original, but with more balls, grit & girth. Ludicrous output & gain coupled with advanced EQ options create a nuclear core of unbridled sonic mayhem that teeters on the edge of total meltdown.  Radiation suit sold separately.

twa mini morph


The larval offspring of the DynaMorph, the MM-01 features an envelope-dependent drive circuit where the amount and type of saturation is intricately & inextricably linked to the input signal level. Multi-layered, highly complex waveforms meet & morph to create sizzling, splatter-full effects bordering on the bizarre.

twa side step


The Side Step is a variable-state, tap-tempo LFO that can be used to control any pedal with an EXP input. Just plug it in and tap to create unique new sounds and effects. EXP thru jack allows connection of your fave expression pedal at the same time.  SS-01 can also be hard bypassed to use the slave pedal in standard operating mode.

twa wahxidizer


Corrode your tone with the Wahxidizer. An Octave-Fuzz circuit based on the Univox classic, the WX-01 also features a parametric EQ that can be adjusted manually or via envelope-control to create a vast substrate of expressive, explosive & corrosive tones.  Toxic on guitar, massive on Bass, the Wahxidizer will melt faces & take you places.