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    IMPORTANT: Please read the following instructions through before placing your parts inquiry.

    To request parts, follow these steps:

    1) Click the "Add to Cart" button below (or to the upper-right).

    2) On the subsequent screen, click the "Parts Request" button in the lower-right.

    3) On the following screen, enter your details along with the information on the parts you are looking for in the "Parts Request" field.  If you don't know the specific part number(s), that's fine - but please be as specific as possible.

    4) Click "Submit".
    Once we receive your request, we'll respond with more specific details on the parts you need, including cost.  You'll then have the option to proceed with placing your parts order online.
    Godlyke, Inc. does not have access to any parts or information regarding current or vintage Ibanez® products. Although Maxon manufactured many Ibanez® products in the past, the company is contractually restricted from distributing any information on these products to the public.  

    Any Maxon part purchased for use with Ibanez® products is done so at the purchaser's risk.  There is no return policy for Maxon parts purchased through Godlyke, Inc.


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