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power-all digital power supplies

power-all system power-all digital power supplies
power supply for guitar effects

The world’s first high-current digital power supply, the Power-All was specifically designed for guitar effect users by guitar effect users.  The Power-All provides clean, regulated, noise-free power with an energy efficiency rating that archaic transformer-based adaptors just can’t match.

The Power-All has recently been upgraded to provide a whopping 2000 milliamps of current to meet the demands of today’s complex pedalboards and digital multi-effects.  The improved Power-All also features additional noise filtering circuitry and a longer, 10 foot power cable to power your pedals more quietly and effectively.

As all players’ needs are not the same, we are now offering the Power-All in three different configurations – PA-9S (Supply Only), PA-9B (powers 5 effects) and PA-9D (powers 11 effects).  Often imitated but never matched, the Power-All ’s simple-yet-ingenious kit configurations include color-coded cables that provide clear, concise connections for your effects.

Featuring professional-grade construction designed to withstand the rigors of the road, we are so confident that the Power-All is superior in design and construction to any other digital power supply on the market that it comes with a lifetime warranty – if anything ever goes wrong with your Power-All , we’ll replace it at no charge to you!

The Power-All system – simple, ingenious, affordable and effective – truly a Progression in Power!

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    Now available for pre-order - tentative ship date 10/01/2019

    World’s first environmentally conscious power supply for effect pedals!

    We here at Godlyke feel that the future of our species depends on the future of our environment.  That’s why we developed the ECO-Daptor™ – the world’s first environmentally conscious power supply for effect pedals.

    The ECO-Daptor is the only effect pedal power supply to meet and exceed the stringent Level VI energy efficiency standards set out by the U.S. Department of Energy.  This means that the ECO-Daptor will use less power, conserving our precious natural resources and eliminating the waste and environmental hazards associated with disposable batteries.

    The ECO-Daptor is manufactured using “Green” technologies and all materials used are selected to have minimal impact on our environment.

    In addition to ECO-friendly operation, the ECO-Daptor™ provides ultra-quiet, high-current power to your effects so they can operate at their peak performance levels.

    The ECO-Daptor features the following:

    • 9 VDC, 2000 mA regulated power supply
    • Meets DOE Level VI energy efficiency standards
    • Ultra-low noise floor for silent operation
    • Environmentally-friendly, Recycled/Recyclable packaging
    • ECO Carbon Credit program – 20% of each ECO-Daptor sale will go to purchasing carbon credits to help reduce Greenhouse emissions & sustain our environment to prevent climate change.
    • Lifetime warranty – never buy another power supply!
    • Power all your pedals from a single power supply
    • Takes up only one outlet space
    • Replaces Boss PSA-120, DOD PS-200R, Morley 9V, DanElectro DA-1, Dunlop ECB-003, Ibanez AC- 109, Guyatone AC-2, Maxon AC210N, Zoom AD-0006 and just about any other 9 VDC power adaptor
    • Special, low-noise circuitry reduces ripple current and hum
    • Ferrite-core filter module on power output cable reduces noise and hum
    • Powers 9 VDC effects from any electrical outlet in the world
    • 10-foot power cable eliminates need for an extension cord
    • Interchangeable plug heads to allow power connection in other countries (US, EU, UK, AU plug heads included)

    The ECO-Daptor™ Deluxe Kit comes with the following accessories -

    • Cable-11/R eleven-connector right-angle Daisy Chain with spring-loaded jacks for extra secure connections – no more losing power mid-solo!
    • (1) Cable-Blue/R right-angle 3.5 mm Phone Plug Jumper Cable for use with EH and other vintage pedals
    • (1) Cable-Green Line-6 Jumper Cable with spring loaded jack for use with Line 6 Modelers and other pedals requiring a 2.5 mm internal diameter jack
    • (1) Cable-Green/R right-angle Line-6 Jumper Cable
    • (1) Cable-Grey Battery Clip Jumper Cables for pedals with no AC input
    • (1) Cable-Red/R right-angle Reverse Polarity Jumper Cable with spring-loaded jack for powering tip positive pedals
    • (5) Cable Cap insulator sheaths to cover power leads when not in use

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