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guitar player triskelion review

Guitar Magazine's Darrin Fox explains why the TWA Triskelion (TK-01) is "a killer tone tool for studio or stage, giving you frequency flavors from subtle to wild to 'WTF?'"

The following article was originally published in Guitar Player magazine in their March 2012 edition.

review of twa triskelion tk-01 by guitar player magazine


TWA Triskelion Harmonic Energizer TK-01

dweezil zappa and the twa triskelionSporting a red-sparkle metal enclosure and shiny gold knobs, the TK-01 Triskelion Harmonic Energizer ($349 retail/street N/A) takes its cue from vintage units such as the Maestro Parametric Filter and Systech Harmonic Energizer, allowing you to boost a particular frequency to the point of depravity for a plethora of tones ranging from beautiful to ugly to beautifully ugly. The TK-01’s simple control layout sports an Energy control, which dials in the amount of boost, while Variant Mass selects the frequency to be boosted. Amplitude controls the pedal’s overall output level, while the Boost control shifts the bandwidth of the Variant Mass knob into a higher frequency range. Finally, the Engage function shuts off the TK-01’s gain so the pedal can be used strictly as an EQ pedal, not a booster. There is also an expression pedal jack in case you want to work the TK-01 like a nitrous-fueled wah pedal.

The TK-01 has a lot of tonal tricks up its sleeve. Far from being just a freaky tweez box—think Frank Zappa’s ridiculously peaked midrange tones on Shut Up ’n Play Yer Guitar—the TK-01 is also capable of producing warm, round “woman” tones or glassy crystalline textures. Wired between a Telecaster and a Deluxe Reverb, the TK-01 did everything from drive the amp into singing feedback (musical, on-demand feedback is one of its specialties) to delivering a searing, yet understated, “notched wah” tone à la Michael Schenker. I was also afforded some pummeling low-end fuzz tones that, when paired with a Gibson SG and Marshall 50-watt head, were simply devastating. But once you start messing with your guitar’s volume and tone controls, pickup combinations, and picking attack, the sheer number of tones the TK-01 delivers is mind-blowing. Whether you want paper-thin slabs of single-note splat or funky lo-fi textures that sit perfectly in a live or recorded mix, it just takes a little patience to find the right combination of settings with your guitar. The TK-01 is a killer tone tool for studio or stage, giving you frequency flavors from subtle to wild to “WTF?”  —Darrin Fox

Kudos A unique effect that can be as crazy or as subtle as you want.

Concerns None.


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TWA Triskelion Demo with Rob Compa


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