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Godlyke, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the first five pedals from our Totally Wycked Audio pedals line - the DynamorphGreat Divide, Hot Sake, Krytical MassLittle Dipper, Mini MorphSide StepTriskelion, Wahsabi and WR-3 Wah Rocker.

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    ***RELEASE DATE TBA!!***

    The bastard child of an EH Talking Pedal, a Colorsound Vocalizer, and our own engineer’s twisted machinations, the TWA Blabbermouth™ is the pedal that just won’t shut up.

    Using two custom-tuned filters that continuously sweep against each other, the Blabbermouth™ creates throaty vowel sounds and amazingly realistic diphthongs that simulate the complexities of human speech.

    The Blabbermouth™ can emulate talkboxes, filters, phasers, or flangers, or spit out incredibly vocal-sounding wah-wah effects that’ll leave them talking.

    Side-mounted controls include a pot to adjust the harmonic content of the effect and switches to solo one filter & select between two different frequency sweeps. A jack for connection of an external momentary switch offers the option to activate the Blabbermouth™ “on they fly” without altering the frequencies selected by the treadle.

    Give them a talking to with the TWA Blabbermouth™!

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