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Godlyke, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the first five pedals from our Totally Wycked Audio pedals line - the DynamorphGreat Divide, Hot Sake, Krytical MassLittle Dipper, Mini MorphSide StepTriskelion, Wahsabi and WR-3 Wah Rocker.

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    Brewed to perfection, TWA Hot Saké™ will torch your taste buds and impart an intense body-buzz of tonal intoxication!

    TWA has harvested a selection of the finest vintage Japanese Distortion pedals and blended them with a batch of premium modern ingredients to create Hot Saké™’s unique, full-bodied bouquet.

    Boiling over the divide between distortion and overdrive, Hot Saké™ packs a powerful punch, yet finishes clean and crisp.

    A classic Low-Boost/Hi-Boost Tone control lays down Hot Saké™’s overall sonic palette, while a dedicated Mids knob allows for precise sculpting of the pedal’s tonal flavor.

    The dedicated Low Boost switch with selectable frequency center adds an incredible kick that turns Hot Sake™ into a Sake Bomb, creating super-thick yet articulate, chest-thumping modern crunch.

    Imagine tones ranging from smooth, 808-style drives with no mid-hump to chunky, Muff-like fuzz with dynamics & clarity, and you’ll have an inkling of just what this little black box can do.

    Hot Saké™’s 180-proof Level control provides an unprecedented degree of boost that can burn through the loudest of bands.  Crank it up to elicit scorching harmonic feedback even at room-level amp volumes.

    The perfectly-tuned Drive control offers up distinctly amp-like tones, covering a broad spectrum of saturated sounds from slight tube break-up to complete amp break-down.

    Incredibly dynamic, rolling back your Guitar’s volume will adjust Hot Saké™’s temperature to taste, covering every flavor of dirt from BB King Smoothness to Sonic Youth sludge.

    All this muscle is kept tight & quiet by an audiophile-quality TLO72 op-amp that retains note clarity and definition at any control setting.

    If other drives have left you thirsting for more, pour yourself a cup of Hot Saké™ and let the good times Rock & Roll – Kanpei!!!


    DRIVE – Controls the amount of gain/drive/distortion. Turn clockwise for more saturation.

    LEVEL – Controls output volume when the pedal is engaged. Turn clockwise to increase volume.

    TONE – A classic Low Boost/Hi Boost tone control. Turn CCW for more Lows, turn CW for more Highs.

    MIDS – Variable midrange boost acts independently of the TONE control. Turn clockwise for more midrange boost.

    LB SWITCH – Switches between standard setting and setting with increased low-end response. Set switch to “UP” position for low-boost.

    L1 / L2 SWITCH – Selects between two different filter caps for Low Boost circuit. The difference is subtle, but allows fine-tuning of the LB circuit to match your rig & tonal tastes.

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    Jon Penner commented on 07-Nov-2018 05:38 PM3 out of 5 stars
    This one is kind of neat but it has some serious faults:
    - Too much gain at lowest settings (better on single coils)
    - Doesn't play well after other drive pedals (likes being first)
    - Internal switching seems wasted
    - External low response switch seems like a wasted component (high-low gain would have been better)
    - Tone controls are weird - you get fat or super clear but not both
    - LED always on (bright vs less bright) due to pedal design
    - SMD (not what I expect from boutique/MIUSA)
    - Different chip inside (NE 5532?)- not slotted either

    All in all it was fun to try. I wanted something that could mimic an Expandora and this got close to a few of the tones but never exact. It was neat in its own right but far too limiting. The combination of high starting gain and a need to be first in the chain really limits the pedal. If it had a lower gain option and took other pedals better it could be a real gem.
    The tone controls are also weird, says here the mids is independent but I found it did nothing until the tone knob was turned up a bit. I wished it had been treble instead because the full CCW tone position is pretty nice but a bit dark.

    The graphic is odd too, the paint is so cool going with regular text or some kind of 'iridescent' katakana (Caroline - Shigeharu) on the front would have been awesome!

    All in all some weird design choices left this one lacking and disappointing. Had high hopes.
    Robert Long commented on 31-Mar-2017 09:51 PM5 out of 5 stars
    I just love the low-end options!!! Best distortion unit I've tried. Thanks, Godlyke!!!!

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