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Godlyke, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the first five pedals from our Totally Wycked Audio pedals line - the DynamorphGreat Divide, Hot Sake, Krytical MassLittle Dipper, Mini MorphSide StepTriskelion, Wahsabi and WR-3 Wah Rocker.

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    dave mustaine triskelion

    “I’d never heard of Triskelion or the Harmonic Energizer pedal previously, but my co-producer, Chris Rakestraw assured me it would be good. He was wrong - it was great!”

    - Dave Mustaine, Megadeth


    Triskelion 2.0 Harmonic Energizer®


    It’s taken us entirely too long to release the Mk. II version of our infamous Triskelion, but as they say good things are worth the wait!

    The TK-02 features the same gnarly, energy-infused tones as its big brother, with the addition of several new control options, a smaller, pedalboard-friendly chassis and a lower, wallet-friendly price!

    The Triskelion uses vintage Synth technology to re-shape the harmonic structure of the input signal, adding punch, clarity and depth to any guitar tone.

    The Triskelion’s specially designed filter can create glassy clean tones, boost midrange for throaty solos, or tune your rig to any room for a wall of singing, resonant feedback. Massive amp sounds, explosive lead-breaks, infinite sustain, and downright nasty, energy-intense tones are just a few of the uses for the Triskelion – the possibilities are almost limitless!

    The Triskelion circuit is based on the uber-rare Systech Harmonic Energizer – this pedal was prized by several well-known artists, including Joe Walsh and Greg Lake. It’s most notable advocate was guitar legend Frank Zappa, who used the Systech for many of his throaty, mid-boosted Guitar tones.

    It’s no surprise that Zappa’s son Dweezil relies on the Triskelion to replicate his father’s guitar sounds for the ongoing Zappa Plays Zappa project. In fact, Dweezil has been known to use three – yes, THREE – Triskelion’s in his live touring rig!

    So if you’re looking to step out from the masses and create guitar tones that drop jaws as well as drawers, then you owe it to yourself to add a Triskelion – or three – to your tone arsenal. Get energized!

    TK-01 vs. TK-02

    The following changes/upgrades have been added to the Triskelion Mk II that were not present on the TK-01 –

    • Footswitch control of Gain Engage
    • S3™ “Shortest Send Switching™” – a relay-based true bypass switching that defaults to bypass if power is lost
    • HP switch for extended frequency range
    • Gain Select Switch – selects between original or attenuated Gain Level
    • Classic/Modern Switch – selects between two different frequency ranges for additional tonal options.
    • Smaller, pedalboard-friendly chassis (Hammond 1590 size)
    • Lower price


    The Triskelion is basically a single-band parametric EQ with optional Gain (level) boost. The secret to its special sauce is how the selected frequency and “Q” (width of the boosted frequency peak) of the filter will affect the interaction between your guitar and amp.

    Energy – Controls the Peak, or “Q” of the selected filter frequency. CCW settings will generate a wide; smoothe; less intense Peak for the filter, while CW settings will create a very sharp, intense Peak, allowing the selected frequency to jump out aggressively. Maximum boost is +22 dB @ 155 Hz; +16 dB @ 1 kHz or +16 dB @ 1.55 kHz

    Variant Mass – Controls the frequency to be boosted. Control range is 155 Hz (CCW) to 1.55 kHz (CW) in Classic setting or 220 Hz (CCW) to 2.1 kHz (CW) in Modern setting.

    Amplitude – When engaged, controls output level of Triskelion. Maximum output is +47 dB (CW). However, actual amount of Boost is frequency-dependent, and will vary depending on where VM and Energy controls are set.

    HP Switch – When engaged cuts 155 Hz by -20 dB, effectively extending the high-frequency range of the pedal.

    Amplitude Engage Switch – Turns Gain off/on, allowing Triskelion to be used as a straight EQ or EQ with Level Boost.

    EXP Jack – Allows user to control VM setting using an external expression pedal. Recommended Expression pedal is a Roland/Boss EV-5.

    Power – Triskelion can run off a standard 9-Volt battery or 9-Volt DC adaptor with tip-negative polarity. Current draw ranges from 80-100 mA, depending on control settings. We recommend our PA-9 Power-All or similar device for clean, consistent power.


    Classic/Modern Switch – Selects between the original Triskelion frequency range of 155 Hz – 1.55 kHz, and a Modern range with a slightly attenuated low-end (220 Hz – 2.1 kHz) for a smoother, more wah-like sweep when using an EXP pedal.

    Gain Select Switch – The original Triskelion circuit had so much Gain that it would actually clip, pummeling the front-end of anything it was plugged into. The Classic setting features the original Gain structure, while the Modern setting reduces Gain by -9 dB, creating a slightly more polite pedal that won’t destroy your amp.

    EXP Offset Trimmer - Adjusts Triskelion’s response to optimize performance with a variety of Expression pedals.

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    Product Reviews
    Sonny commented on 29-Jul-2016 02:20 PM5 out of 5 stars
    Turning this pedal on turns more audience heads than any pedal I have ever owned. It has such a compelling sound that it draws people towards you. They dig it, and so do I!
    Thomas Tehan commented on 28-Dec-2015 07:14 PM5 out of 5 stars
    Pedal is VERY unique as with most godlyke one of's. Harmonies and voice the pedal create give your sound an edge. The Little Dipper is a great example of this as well. You"ll spend a lot of time trying to find the shit that makes a difference out there. Two Keepers.
    Dan Gray commented on 20-Oct-2015 02:41 PM5 out of 5 stars
    Holy smokes! The Triskelion 2 is mind blowing. It’s very possibly the best pedal I have ever heard sonically (is that a word?). This thing really loves my Copilot TerraFuzz and pushes it into face melting stoner sludge territory. I can set the fuzz bias just to the point of cutout and then engage the Triskelion and expression becomes like a foot controlled bias which really gets meaty in the heel position. Wow just about sums it up. My rigs owes a debt of gratitude to you guys for taking the time to get it just right. I think I may have to take the plunge into the Great Divide now….

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