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totally wycked audio effect pedals

Godlyke, Inc. is proud to announce the release of the first five pedals from our Totally Wycked Audio pedals line - the DynamorphGreat Divide, Hot Sake, Krytical MassLittle Dipper, Mini MorphSide StepTriskelion, Wahsabi and WR-3 Wah Rocker.

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    Wahsabi™ takes the brash, beefy, bombastic band-pass filter of the legendary TWA Triskelion and serves it up in a treadle-operated chassis for additional expressive control over your tone.

    Wahsabi™ is perfect for creating the throaty, mid-heavy, focused guitar tones that defined classic rock recordings of the 70’s by bands such as Boston, UFO, Aerosmith and Kiss.

    Unlike a traditional wah-wah, Wahsabi™ offers control of not only the center frequency, but the degree to which that frequency is emphasized. Wahsabi™ also has over 45 dB of clean gain on tap to pummel your amp into saturated submission.

    Use Wahsabi™ as a standard wah-wah, a solo booster, a wah/booster or resonant feedback generator. A jack for connection of an external momentary switch offers the option to activate Wahsabi™ “on they fly” without altering the frequency selected by the treadle.

    TWA Wahsabi™ – your wah-wah just got a whole lot hotter.

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